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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saying Goodbye!

Today has to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  Say goodbye to my son, Travis!  When he left home a year and a half ago for Marine boot camp I said goodbye.  When he would come home on leave and then go back to California I would have to say goodbye again.  I got much better when he would have to go back – wouldn’t let him see me cry.  This time was even worse.  I had to say goodbye to Travis and tell him to be safe and that I love him very much.  This has totally ripped my insides out.  The tears just keep coming down.  He is deploying to Afghanistan within a week.  Of course, we are not able to know the exact date for security purposes.  So, until he arrives at his destination I will be waiting by the phone and computer until he contacts me to let me know he is okay.  I don’t know how other Moms do this sending their sons and daughters off to war.  This all really bites!  But, being a military Mom you somehow learn to be strong and get thru these difficult times.  I’m sure he knows even though I let my guard down today, how much I love him, how proud I am of him and of course for him to return safe and sound.

To my son, Travis



Kerrie said...

Kym, we are all here for you, anytime, he will be doing his country proud, and he will return safe and sound... stay strong.... keep pumping out those cards, and the days will go quickly, and before you know it he will be home.

craftieodamae said...

Kym I know it's hard. but you did great this week staying strong for him until today, surely he understands that and it also touched his heart. He knows you are very proud of him as we all are for all of our service men & women. Semper Fi
once a Marine, always a Marine.

Marlene said...

I honestly don't know how you military moms do it, either. A good friend of mine is going through the same thing with her daughter, who is in the Air Force.

Your son is doing our country proud! I hope it helps to know that we all admire and thank him for his brave service. And to you, kudos for raising such a wonderful young man.

Vicki said...

Kym, just reading your post pulled at my heart strings! You are a very proud mom and he is a very brave young man...bless him and all of our service men and women! It is because of them we can live in a country that is free. We are all with you and hope to hear how you and he is doing! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Travis!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

and he is in my heart & prayers!

happy valentine's day.

i'm here if u need me.

hugs ♥

Maria Matter said...

Hugs to U Kym!
I will add him to my daily prayer list!
Blessings, Maria

Sue W said...

Hi Kym,
Thinking of you and sending much love.
Travis will be in my thoughts until he returns safe and sound.

Patricia St Martin said...

Our prayers are with Travis in keeping him safe and bring him home to you. He is a brave young man god bless him and all our service men and woman and to keep them all safe. It is for the things that they are doing now that we live in a free country.

Anonymous said...

Kym - Hugs and prayers to you!! I will add Travis to my prayer journal!!

Cr8ive ME said...

Massive {{{{Hugs}}}} to you Kym.

I know my mil worries every time my brother-in-law gets sent somewhere. He's in the Air Force. And has been deployed a couple of times.

Your son is doing a great thing for not only your family but also our country.

Our prayers are with him.

Mary - TSB DT

kim.mom said...

So sorry to hear your son is deploying! I know it is hard and you will both be in my prayers! I'm here if you need to chat!!

Jennifer Scull said...

my prayers are with the both of you! I am so proud of him for all he is doing to serve our country!

CraftieConnie said...

Hi Kymie! You have done Great, the tears are understandable, and you know I am here for you! Lots of Hugs!

Jennifer said...

Oh Kym...my heart goes out to you & all other mothers in similar positions. It must be very difficult to let him go, but also rewarding to know you raised him right. He must be a good young man to do what he's doing. Hugs!

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